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Join us on our international symposium! Detailed information is up-coming!

Team recruitment finalized!

Welcome Dr. Isabel Amor Brandhorst, Lennart Seizer, Olivia Krokos and Leonard Morrissey! I'm really excited to such great and well experienced researcher on board! 

Collaborating with the Mental Health Crowd!

I'm really excited to have met Dominique de Marné from the Mental Health Crowd! 

As group of people who suffered from mental illness, they know what they are talking about and (!) what helped best to overcome or cope with their disorder. 

We are now going to evaluate their self-developed "Mental Health Guide" - a mobile app for prevention of mental illness - and see what young people think about it! 


How would you like to talk about mental illness?

The students of the Albertus-Magnus Gymnasium highlight the importance of learning about mental illness in school and a confidential setting to talk about personal issues. Teachers should be more aware of their daily stressors and the curriculum should include psychology as a regular subject. Thanks for your recommendations  - even after a long day at school and 32°C! 

Collection Advisor in:
F1000 Digital Health Care Collection

I'm excited to be together with Prof. Björn Schuller, Imperial College London, UK and Prof. Kun Qian, Technical University Beijing, China a guest advisor in the F1000 Digital Health Care Collection! Thanks, Zoe Gooden for your support!

About the collection:

The integration of digital technology within the health domain is rapidly revolutionizing traditional approaches to care. Advances in digital health have the potential to provide fully personalized, real-time, precise and accessible mental and physical health monitoring and care. These technological innovations have the capacity to accelerate global health and well-being.
The ultimate goal of developments in digital healthcare is to provide optimal prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, or cure supported by digital and artificially intelligent means. However, this goal is met with technical challenges, ethical responsibilities, and legal and social implications. To deliver its potential, digital healthcare initiatives must be led by holistic strategies that integrate human, organizational, financial and technological resources.
This collection aims to feature the latest research, methods, data, cases, surveys, opinions, and beyond at this exciting intersection of technology, medicine, psychology, audiology, optometry, dentistry, nursing, ergo- and physical therapy, athletic training, pharmacy, and many more.
Keywords: Digital Healthcare, Digital Health, Physical Health, (e-) Mental Health, Medicine, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, ELSI, Mobile Assessment
Deadline for submissions: 16th October 2022


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Recent Publication: "Quantifying Quality of Life Incorporating Daily Life into Medicine"

Editors: Katarzyna Wac, Sharon Wulfovich


I'm happy to have contributed to this great book, I want to recommend to all digital health interested people! Thank you Kate and Sharon for pulling this together!


  • Describes technological methods and tools for objective and quantitative assessment of QoL
  • Appraises technology-enabled methods for incorporating QoL measurements in medicine
  • Highlights the success factors for adoption and scaling of technology-enabled methods

Topics Health Informatics, Quality of Life Research, Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology



Upcoming Publication: "Depression im Kindes- und Jugendalter: Rechtzeitig erkennen, wirksam behandeln und vorbeugen"

Editors: Gerd Schule-Körne, Ellen Greimel

In June this comprehensive book about all you need to know about youth depression will be published at Kohlhammer Verlag. Together with my colleague Belinda Platt I took over the "prevention of depression " chapter.


  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 3170387367


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